September 29th, 2003 7:39PM

I was just listening to Green Day. I was quickly reminded of the days when my best friend Zach told me be bought the Nimrod album basically without his parents permission. (that’s because it had too much cussing). What are you gonna do? Kids these days.

This weekend I went down with my great friend and roommate Tristan to EV Free Fullerton and we basically led the music and teaching at their high school group. It was good time. Not to mention the fact that my girlfriend Bethany turned 21 on Sunday, so I got her a season pass to Dinneyland.. I mean Disneyland. haha.. so she was excited. The part that sucked though was that I had to come back to school and go to work. But.. all in all, a good day. My week is looking dim though, as this week we have basically the week off for what Master’s calls “Outreach Week.” It’s basically where the school goes out to different churches in the area for the week and weekend and serves with them. But you’re good friend Shay here.. isn’t going. He’s gotta work. So, that’s that.

Well, Tristan’s computer is beeping with IM’s behind me.. and I want to get some stuff done tonight and listen to some Dashboard, so I’m going to go. Which, by the way, I saw Chris Carraba on Thursday of last week. He was solid, good show, good times. So.. ok. .bye.


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