October 1st, 2003 12:27AM

You know, I was thinking today how good it is to be back. I mean, back in business and back online in my community with my friends. The people who understand me and everything, you know? Well.. anyways.

Tristan and I watched Back to Future II tonight. That was good time. After that Bethany and I went out with some friends to BJ’s and ate some food and had some shakes for her b-day. Our friend Beth was acting all crazy and she was hyper, so I guess that was kinda cool. Plus Justin came (He’s my other roommate. There are 5 of us: Skyler, Justin, Tristan, Blake, and me). But there has been this kid parking in our parking space here at school, and we’re kind of sick of it. It’s weird. So I go up to his room to tell him to move his truck, again, and he’s like “ooh.. that’s your spot?”.. and I’m thinking “Yeah, that’s why there is a big sign that says “THIS SPOT IS RESERVED FOR ROOM #8” right above the parking space. Weird. I guess kids can’t read these days.

Work is going good. I’ve been training everyone the past couple of days so that’s been fun. We have this new guy named Nick and he’s a freakin’ workhorse. Needless to say I like his style. He’s 18, and he says things like “You want me to go ahead and mop the back room so it looks good?” And of course I’m speechless and just nod my head. hehe.. I guess you might not understand that. But I’ll say this much, there is a big difference between kids who want to work, and kids who just work to get money. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a real idea. ok, enough about that.

Tomorrow I’m going to take Bethany to the airport so she can fly to Texas for a couple of days. Then after that I’ll probably fight the traffic on the 405 back to work and then come home to the guys playing video games. Talk about a lifestyle. I love it.


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