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Brunch, a Puzzle, and Home Videos

This morning we enjoyed a nice brunch at (stay with me) Bethany’s sister’s in-law’s. There were two food items on the table we just can’t find in Czech 1) bagels 2) English muffins. You would think us being closer to England we could get English muffins but that’s just not the case. But I digress. The food was great and we had a fun time talking about Czech and answering lots of questions about what we’ve been doing and how God has been working in our lives since moving over there.

Family Time (1/3/15)

Mostly we had a leisurely afternoon. I actually spent a few hours reading and everyone decided to work on a puzzle. When I made it out to see their progress, I found Avery sitting with Bethany, Nana (grandma), and Bonnie (Bethany’s sister). It cracked me up to see all four them hard at work on the puzzle. Here’s a photo I got.

Family Time (1/3/15)

Family Time (1/3/15)

I ended up helping with the puzzle later and we finished it this evening. Not bad!

Family Time (1/3/15)

As I write, Bethany’s dad is putting another reel of film on the super 8mm film projector. We’ve been watching old home videos in the living room tonight. It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch the film being projected. It’s like I’m being transported into another life time. In a day when we can make HD videos with our phones and post them online in seconds, it’s kind of amazing to watch videos that haven’t been seen in many years and which also require a special, noisy machine to view them.

Family Time (1/3/15)

Family Time (1/3/15)

Family Time (1/3/15)

Watching old home movies really does make you think about how quick time goes by–not just time, of course, but life. Each reel of film is only a few minutes long before it ends and Daryl reloads another one. There’s a box of reels that he’s pulling from and every time we watch one, another big span of time (life) goes by. You can record life, but you can’t stop it. It makes me want to make the most of each moment of time I get. We only get so much anyway, so why maximize the little we get. The Apostle Paul didn’t have a projector, but he definitely knew what he was talking about when he wrote to the Ephesians to “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time…” As I begin a new year, I hope I make the best use of the time this year.

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Book Review: Meaning At The Movies

Meaning at the Movies: Becoming a Discerning ViewerMeaning at the Movies: Becoming a Discerning Viewer by Grant Horner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All the world’s a screen” – at least that’s how Prof Horner sees it, and I’m starting to agree with him.

Prof Horner’s work here revels both his love for film and for God’s Word and how to balance the two. As an English professor, film guru, and a student of theology, Prof Horner is the right man to speak to this very important Christian question of what do we do with film?

This book will challenge any film lover, parent, student, and Christian to actually use discernment when watching movies, and not just view them for entertainment only. His purpose is not to tell you what movies to watch, but show you how to watch them. Additionally, his goal is teach us how to see ourselves in movies, and then compare that with how God designed us to live as revealed in the Bible.

For Christians, Meaning At The Movies should be added to your “to-read” list and pushed to the top. It will create a conversation in your home, work, or church that will surely help us all use our time to the glory of God, even when we’re holding a bag of popcorn and enjoying a movie together.

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