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Flickr Faves


If you’re not a Flickr user, you can stop reading this and move on–if you are, stick around.

What you see above is a sampling of the photos that I have personally “fav’d” on Flickr over the years. As an avid photographer and Flickr lover, I actually take my fav’ing too seriously, but this new web application “ffffl*ckr” is pretty ffffreakin’ sweet. It pulls all your favorites in to one location (after you connect your account), and then shows them to you in a very visually appropriate way. As I see my own favorites I feel like I’m inside my head a bit–it’s kind of cool. Not because I’ve got all these amazing photos in my head, but because it tells me what interests me and what sticks out to me. Sometimes they are just funny or cute, but other times I feel like the photos I “fave” have depth and personality that I want in my own photography. I think of these photos as places I need to go in my own work and so I save them. I’m loving it.