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Thomason Tour: Stop 1

Just yesterday we left Kingsburg where we spent four days (Friday – Monday) serving at Grace Church of the Valley (GCV). We stayed with a great family, the Andersons, and our kids loved playing with their dog Remi and their kitten Boots (pictured above).

I (Shay) have begun helping lead music for GCV every other weekend. It was a joy to serve with their music team and sing songs that exalt the Savior. Our previous pastor at Placerita Baptist Church (PBC), Scott Ardavanis, is now the senior pastor at GCV and it’s always fun to see him and spend time together. A few of our friends from PBC came and help with guitar and percussion which was a wonderful blessing.

GCV Comm Meeting

In addition to leading music, Pastor Scott has asked me to help in the area of communications at GCV. Above is a photo of their first communications team meeting. There’s a great group of people there who really want to serve in that area and I think it’s one of the most vital teams in the church. They are the people who will help communicate to the body on a number of events, programs, prayer requests, etc. and help reach the lost world using the tools God has given us in technology and the Internet. This is almost identical to the role I will be assuming with Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic and I truly believe God has given us many wonderful tools to communicate His message.

Now I’m sitting here in Walnut Creek, CA at a friend’s house just enjoying some rest as we prepare for a few meeting with churches today and tomorrow. Please pray that we would communicate clearly our story and what God is doing overseas and that we might gain some new partners in ministry in the next few days.

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