What A Good Day Feels Like

Death Will Be A Great Adventure
It has occurred to me over the past few years that I don’t know what a good day feels like. That is, with allergies, sickness, and the constant pouring of radiation upon me from the sun, I’m in a constant state of dying. I’m not getting more evolved or becoming something greater or more advanced, I’m dying. This isn’t to say that now I’m just distraught or don’t believe I can enjoy my life, but really it’s just a reality that we all have. As the saying goes, there is only two things we are sure of, death and taxes.

This week I was informed I have two ailments: sinusitis and tendinitis. Both of these have done a little number on my body and my wrist and don’t feel very nice in general. Especially sinusitis. Basically that means that I have chronic sinus infections, and if you’ve ever had a sinus infection, they just aren’t fun. Tendinitis on the other hand (no pun intended), means I can’t play guitar, drums, and type all day anymore, or at least as often. So I should make this post short before I get in trouble by my doctor. Simply put, I’ll never know a really good day until I get to heaven. There I will find no pain, no hurt, and no sin to which I can engage. When I mentioned this to someone at church they said, “Yeah, and we don’t know what a bad day feels like either.” How true is that?! The pain and suffering to which hell provides are greater than anything I can probably think of and anything that anyone has ever experienced on this earth. That’s definitely not something I want to be apart of and surely not something anyone should ever want to experience.

Finally, the words of Jonathan Edwards came to mind. His 10th resolutions reads:

Resolved, when I feel pain, to think of the pains of martyrdom, and of hell.

How could he think like that? I’m really not sure. But what I do know is that guy had his priorities in order. No matter how much pain I can experience on this earth, it will never come close to that of martyrdom for my faith and or the pain that hell brings. If you don’t know the Savior Jesus Christ, then please leave me a comment I’m happy to talk with you. You can also read about him in the Bible. Start in the book of John and read about his life, death, and resurrection for your sin. He did this to save you from eternal death and separation from God. To save you from the suffering of hell and provide you eternal life in heaven with Him. Which will be one really long (forever) and really good day.

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Oregano Oil! ok, Shay, I had the “perfect” shot of the sunset last night. There were rays and a glow around the shape of the clouds, but I was driving. Sped home, ran upstairs, flew the door open, grabbed the camera, ran out yelling for Tom to follow me towards my “Shay” shot. Ran down the stairs, flew across the street, ran down 2 people, camera in motion, we are one, throw myself out onto the paseo and missed it. The sunset did not wait for me. Got a couple cool shots but I’m gonna try for that “Shay” shot tonight. Tom might have to stay at the train station until sunset. ;)Will try to post at least one acceptable shot tomorrow.

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