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Flower Wedding Overview

As I mentioned two blogs ago, Bethany and I flew to Dallas, Texas to help some friends out with some photography and pretty much hang with a bunch of other friends (lots more details about those friends here). The above photos are like a preview of the shots I was able to grab while there.

Of late I have been receiving more phone calls and emails to come photograph events and portraits for people. It’s seriously fantastic! I just find it funny because I haven’t really “advertised myself,” so to speak. Sure, I put a little website up about engagement photos, and I talk to people about my photography, but it’s not something I have business cards and billboards for. Really, it’s something I just enjoy doing, and if I get paid to do that, well, that’s a huge bonus! But the reality is, I have advertised. It’s called If you’re reading this then you’ve definitely heard of it and I have been quite impressed by the feedback and response I have gotten from my blog. Just goes to show you how much our little world is changing. At the end of the day, you just can’t beat that “word of mouth” (aka blog) advertising. So thanks everyone for thinking of me when it comes to your photography needs. It’s a huge blessing for me because I love doing it. Maybe I can be a designer by day and photographer by night?

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well, at least as our family goes there are so many events to photograph yet! We’ll need to get you before you are so big that we can’t afford you! Definitely gifted!!!

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