Too Much To Learn

Today I realized how much of my dad I don’t have in me and wish I did. I had an interview for a sales job today in which I had to take an evaluation type test. It’s not a real test where there are right and wrong answers, but an evaluation of who I am and what I’m like. Basically it’s supposed to allow the employer to know if would be able to do a sales type job or not. The results were interesting. Now back to the point about my dad.

My dad was a hard worker. At one point he was commuting to Los Angeles for over 3 hours round trip to his full time job, and as well, had his own business at home fixing appliances. I don’t really remember him complaining much about it, he just worked hard and that was it. My evaluation today told me that I am not like him. It showed that I am not a hard worker. It showed that though I don’t like hard work, I am a people person and people like being around me. But unfortunately, that’s not going to pay the bills. No amount of my personality will make a paycheck come in every few weeks. During this interview/evaluation the guy working with me was an older gentleman. He asked me about how I did in high school and college and my grades, etc. After responding to his questions he told me it didn’t surprise him because it matched up exactly with what the evaluation in his hand was telling him. Soon after we finished talking he showed me around their office and pointed out another guy, who happend to be from Sri Lanka, India. He then proceeded to tell me how that guy was making six figures doing sales and was a hard worker. He added that knowing that would allow me to understand the work ethic in India, to which I agreed.

Apparently I didn’t learn much from my dad. Though I went to work with him on occasion and saw how he did things day in and day out, I didn’t learn. I wish I would’ve. I wish I could go back and learn what it means to be a hard worker, because right now it’s killing me. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do. I know that the only way to learn how to work hard is to work hard, but I really don’t know what that looks like. You could say I’m a little down about this today. Well, it’s true; am. I can’t believe I missed the boat on this one. I feel stuck, or even wedged. Can’t seem to move my arms and my legs to get free of this one. Maybe I’ll never learn.

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Never thought that the man I know who was willing to get up at 0400 to 0500 hours to open a Starbucks and worked several odd jobs while going to school didn’t know how to work hard. Sounded like working hard to me. Not all of us are cut out to be salesmen earning 6 digit incomes. I know I could’t do it. Be patient, continue to work hard and use the strengths God has given you. It’ll all work out in time.


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