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It’s not everyday you get to attend a black tie affair, but fortunately (or unfortunately) for me I did.

This past Friday I assisted a photographer at very expensive event at the Ritz Carlton Pasadena. We were going around snapping candid photos of people and things, but really I was simply taken away by the amount of money that was blown in one night. I have probably told 15 people about this in person because I am still confused about it all. When I actually got to the event in my sweet ’98 Jetta, they promptly valet parked that baby in with the Mercedes, BMW’s, and even Bentley’s. Of course my little Jetta stood out quite nice with her “” sticker on the back. So this event was the 75th anniversary for a very expensive, private high school in Pasadena. During it they held a live auction and I thought I was going to flip. Let me explain. One of the auction items was a parking space for the 07-08 school year for one of the students. So whoever won that item would be able to give that parking space to their child or grandchild for the next school year. You wanna guess how much that went for? $20,000. That’s right, that’s 3 zero’s after the number 20. That’s a lot of zero’s. In fact, I’d really rather not talk about this right now, I think I’m feeling sick. Seriously though, I saw a puppy go for $9000 and a diamond broach went for like $18,000. Maybe I’m not supposed to be telling anyone about all this, but there was 950 people at this event and every one of them was wearing clothes that were more expensive than my car. The chances of any of them reading are not likely. I have a better chance of the parking attendant reading this (by the way.. I tipped that guy a sweet $3 for taking care of my Jetta).

Nevermind all that. It’s one of those things you just have to shake your head at. All in all I think the night was fine… well except the part where old, white people were dancing. I could’ve really done without that image in my mind the rest of my life.

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My college years were spent catering events like those serving movie stars, models, and politicians alike. I guess that’s why I am so grounded.

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