It Feels Like Seattle And I Feel Fine

cloudyskies.jpgCalifornia, where is the sun? Don’t answer that.

I love the weather we’ve been having lately down here in southern California. Instead of the sunny goodness we’re used to, we’ve been having some gloomy storms that have been sticking around. Makes me feel like I’m in Seattle all day long. That’s great. If there was one other place that I’d rather be, it would probably be in Seattle, eating dinner at Ivar’s and enjoying the rain beating down. If I talk about the weather, does that make me old?

You know something I am kind of sick of, phone marketing. We probably get 4 or 5 phone calls to our apartment every day asking us to sign up for something, telling us why we should buy a home right now, describing the reasons we should switch to the “dish” as opposed to cable, and etc. It’s annoying. I’m sick of it. If I am napping, we get a phone call. If we’re having a conversation, we get a phone. If we are watching TV, we get a phone call. It’s dumb. I wish there was some way around it. Ok, I’m done.

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Hey Shay, you should put your number on the Do Not Call registry. I think it’s online, too!

Oh, and Niki Spangler says “Ivar’s – rock on!”.

Happy Easter!


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