Broken Umbrellas And Coffee Cups

Spent the last five minutes trying to find some interesting quote that could begin my blog today. It didn’t work out, I guess I’ll have to go from here.

The sun hasn’t shown today. It was covered up by white, flat clouds that covered the small valley that I currently reside in. I’ve been listening to slow songs. It’s always better to watch rain fall fast and listen to a slow tempo song. It sort of gives a feeling of slow motion, or a music video. I always feel like I should be traveling by bus in the inner city somewhere, with headphones stuck in my ears while the cars pass by and I watch the people walking around by me. Maybe stuck in traffic, maybe traveling in the carpool lane, but I should be wearing a hoodie sweatshirt with my eyes fixed on nothing. You know that feeling I am thinking of. Kind of like being so tired you don’t want to focus your eyes? That’s the kind of feeling I am talking about. The music would just play, and the white lines of the road would pass and everything would have the same tempo as the song.

Why don’t people order their coffee “for hear” anymore? You know you can ask for you coffee in a ceramic cup at just about any coffee shop you go to? It just has a better feeling. You can sit down, maybe nibble on a pastry, and enjoy your New York Times . You’re probably too busy anymore though, right? That’s what happens when we don’t slow down. rainwindow.jpgThat’s pretty much what I have done lately, I haven’t slowed down. I need a coffee break. Sometimes I serve the customers at work and I envy them. They come in, order their coffee and grab a wooden chair in the lobby. Sitting down with their laptop, write a couple of emails, buy something on eBay or Amazon and continue by playing poker online with some people they will never meet. They are just coming in coffee, but what they got was a break. A break from just driving to work, clocking in, clocking out, and heading home in non-stop traffic. That’s what I need.

Let me leave you with this quote from Hank Ballard:
“If you’re looking for youth, you’re looking for longevity, just take a dose of rock ‘n’ roll. It keeps you going. Just like the caffeine in your coffee. Rock ‘n’ roll is good for the soul, for the well being, for the psyche, for your everything. I love it. I can’t even picture being without rock ‘n’ roll.”

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