April 27, 2002 9:57 A.M.

I’ve been in kind of a goofy mood this morning. I don’t know why. But I went last night and hung out with a bunch of friends and we watched the movie “The Sandlot.” It was great. Then later we played twister and stuff. That was a blast. Oh man, the testosterone in that room was nuts! haha.. anyways..

This morning my dad came in my room at about 8:30AM and woke me up to get some breakfast down the street. I was thinking we were going to take the car, because it’s cold outside (we can walk there, it’s like a block away), but they have this “Soapbox derby” going on, and it’s rad. These kids get pushed down the main street and they cruise in to the finish line. I like it. ah. I have a long day ahead of me. I am doing sound for our school talent show and I have to be there from 12 – somewhere past 9.. it’s going to be loooong. But oh well. bye.


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