5 Years In The Blogging Industry

Wow, I’m a nerd. No, really. I had a blog over 5 years ago. Today marks the 5th year of what I called “Shaycam 2”. Shaycam 2 was my effort to revamp my entire shaycam site before July 19th, 2001. Before that I believe that my site was only visited.. well.. by me. In an effort to bring in more visitors to shaycam (5 years ago) I added sweet features like a daily journal, photos, and even an “about me” section (which I believe was completely pointless). Now, the better option would’ve been to change that weird hair, but oh well. We live and learn.

So, 5 years in the blogging. I’ve been typing away and the clock is ticking away. So many days have passed. So many blogs never written…. so sad. But that’s OK. I wonder where I’ll be in 5 years. Do you ever think about that? I mean, 5 years seems like a lot of time. I might even have kids by then? Wow, that would be crazy. Little shaycam’s running around. Haha, makes me laugh.

Ok, one last thing. I thought it would be fun to show you what I wrote on this day only 5 years ago:

July 19th 2001

Today I am bringing you the new and improved shaycam site. It’s been an excellent journey along the cam “road” and I hope that you will join me with a new look to the site that I am calling “Shaycam2.”

I will periodically be updating this journal with information about my daily life and what’s going on around the cam. Also I’ll try to put a few special cam pictures on here. Check here daily for any new posts I might add. ok.. peace out.
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