July 9th, 2004 10:08AM

I think I really enjoyed taking this picture.. seriously, I may not look like it.. but I love it! (lol)

It is interesting that at 9:30 in the morning I roll out of my bed and I am on the internet surfing away. I mean, I guess hundreds or thousands of people do the same thing these days, but my dad didn’t do that when he was a kid. Seriously, he probably turned on the radio or put on a record or something, but didn’t get on the internet for sure.

I guess that’s my great a amazing thought for the day.. haha. So, my parents bought me a suit the other day. Not just any old suit, but a freakin’ nice one. Something “… real nice Clark…” That was fun.

Then I went out and bought a bunch of clothes with my girlfriend. She bought two dresses, and I bought some new dress shoes (for my suit), a pair of shorts, and two pairs of pants. And speaking of pants, my best friend Zach said that he and his band are starting to wear girl blue jeans. Isn’t that interesting? I’m not worried, it’s just what they do, and by they I mean “rock stars.”

Though I may promise it like every journal, I really am hoping to spend some time working on Shaycam and doing some revamp. I’ve actually started some of it.. but it’s just how life goes.. ok bye.


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