January 29th, 2004 7:19PM

Before writing this sentence I wrote about 12 different opening lines and erased them all. Maybe I’m a little insecure about what to write right now. I feel as if I have to live up to the photo you see at your right, or maybe I think something is really cool, but in actuality then next Joe Shmoe is going to come to my sight and talk smack about it. I’m not really sure.

So, what’s new? I’ve been sipping latte’s and doing Greek. There was a moment in this past week that my roommate and I seriously considered dropping this darn Greek. It is getting very tough. Thankfully that didn’t last long. We have a guy downstairs named Adam who really does a good job of explaining it too us and I really do thank God that he lives so close to us and can help us out. In fact, we have started a new deal and we are praying before we even start doing our “Greek Study Sessions” as we like to call them. Greek really does become your life while you are studying it. And just when you think you’ve got something down you learn a whole new pattern of something else and then you’re completely lost. It’s all Greek to me.

Some stuff happened this week. Stuff that I think if I told anyone they would probably freak out for a second and then want to hug me. I don’t say that so that everyone will feel sorry for me, but to say that my life is like a rollercoaster sometimes. But I have a hope.. and I continue to abide in that hope and the security that I have found in Christ Jesus. It’s tough at time, but you know.. it’s all building time in my life and I can look at it with the end result in mind. That being a man that follows Christ even when his life turns upside down. Pray for me. Pray that God would continue to use me to His excellent glory and that as I seek to do His will that He would put me in situations that allow me to see His hand working. God bless you guys. goodnight.


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