January 14th, 2004 11:24PM

Sometimes you have those moments of contentment. It’s the moment where you are driving and the music is the perfect volume; not too loud, not too soft. the car you are driving is going the perfect speed and all you notice are the street lights moving to the sound of the music you are listening to, which just so happens to be playing the perfect song for that perfect moment. It’s the moment where, when you slow down the car, the music just so happens to slow down at the same time and you hear your turn signal blinking on beat with the music. then you arrive at your destination and the song finishes as you turn the ignition off. you pull your keys from the wheel get out and you walk as your keys now dangle in your hand. nothing stops you; yes people are still driving their cars around you and maybe you don’t have that perfect song playing in your ears, but you are walking to the beat of your heart. you’re content. content with everything God has given you. you see, I struggle with contentment. because not every day is like the one I just described. but like I said, it was just a moment… and then it goes away. and somehow quickly you re-enter the earth’s atmosphere and return to what you remember as earth. I know you know the moments I’m talking about. here’s some advice, love those moments and thank God for them. now go..


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