December 4th, 2002 11:59PM

This picture is one of my favorites right now. It really has captured how I am feeling at the moment. Cause it’s interesting. I am feeling perfectly fine and actually just cleaned my desk and am in a good mood, but there’s still something missing. You know? I think this picture captures that. Maybe everyone just thinks it’s exactly like the last picture, but I think it’s different. And once again, it’s my site, my rules, my cam.

I think I miss home. I think I’m tired. I think I’m ready for my break. Did you ever think you would be where you would be today? I mean, really, think about it. I don’t even live with my parents anymore?.. what happened? I’m not even exactly sure how that worked out, or even why. Do you kids miss home? If you are home, do you ever miss your friends who aren’t home? just a thought.

Tonight at 6 I went to my boss’s house for a shift-lead dinner he threw for the managers at my store. It was very fun. I really enjoyed myself. He gave us all day-planners as a small gift, it’s pretty cool. And after dinner we all played Balderdash. That was hilarious, people were making up the funniest words and phrases and stuff. It was great.

You know what was weird. Tonight, after the dinner which ended at 10, I had to go to work out of dress-code and close the store. My boss couldn’t get any body to cover the closing shift because we were all at his house, so I had to go and close the place. It was weird because I was in sandals and shorts. I don’t know, whatever. Finals are coming next week and tomorrow is my last day of classes. So pray for me, that I will do well studying this weekend as I have some extra time off from work. You kids are awesome, hope your lives are going well. see yah..


ps. during Christmas break we get kicked out of our dorms, so I have no idea about my cam updates during that time. so don’t get mad if you don’t hear from me from Dec. 13th to January 13th. ok?.. just a little warning. bye now.

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