November 24th, 2002 11:29PM

I loved my hair that day in that picture. It was just a good hair day.

Anyways, tonight I closed at work. It was the longest close ever. Not because I had to stay longer or anything like that, but the fact that there was like 2 customers per hour and for the last hour we did nothing. And when I’m working it’s not like I can just shut everything down. I have to do everything by standards and stuff, so it makes it tough sometimes. So, I got home about a half an hour ago and I’m tired as crap. That’s why I didn’t take a new picture, because I look all tired right now and didn’t really feel like wasting a good picture on a sucky looking face. lol?.. that was a weird sentence.

It’s all Skyler’s fault. That guy is always trying to make things bad for me. Ok, I was kidding about that, he really doesn’t try to screw things up for me I was just joking :). But I am tired, and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I might skip chapel. We’ll have to see though. I can only miss 2 more of those before something bad happens to me. But I’m not exactly sure what bad is supposed to happen?.. hhm.. I am skipping on Wednesday for sure. I think there are only 2 more chapels after that, so maybe I will skip tomorrow.. we’ll have to find out in a few short hours. I need sleep, you kids have a good day and enjoy your Thanksgivings if I don’t get to talk to you before I leave.


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