November 14th, 2002 11:21PM

Hi. Man, this is great. I’m back in the game, and I feel good, real good. Check out that photo, oh man, it’s great. I went to the library the other day and I was relaxing and working on homework, but get this: I stayed in the library from 1:00P-7:30P (only taking a break for food from 5:00-5:30).. can you believe that?.. it was fun though. I got a ton of studying done. hhm..

Enough of that. How about you kids? I haven’t heard much from anyone. Everyone is either too busy (like me) or they are just not emailing anymore. SIGN MY GUESTBOOK.. or do something that let’s me know “Shay, I’m still here for you.” I just don’t feel the love these days. :(.. so sad.. so…. .sad..

It’s hot in this room right now. The weather here went from straight rain for 3 days to 80 degree, nice spring weather?.. isn’t that weird? Oh, going back to the library thing; I’m finding that it REALLY is a great place to study. Cause everyone is doing the same thing, and it’s quiet, well, at least until some guy sees someone he knows and they decide to share everything from birth to present with each other. oh man, I hate that. But sometimes I just put on my headphones and listen to music while doing work, it shuts out everything that’s going on around me.. ok, I’m outta here, you kids have been great..


Ps. I need to shave.

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