November 11th, 2002 6:14PM

Ok, so this may seem a little early, but let me explain. The other day my roommate Skyler, Tristan and I went to seek out some furniture for our apartment. While we were out we were specifically seeking a small table for one of the corners of our room. Well, every college student knows that Target just freakin’ rules when it comes to “college-dorm-room” stuff… so.. we decided that since we are only going to be in the apartments until December 13th that we would like to do some decorating for the Christmas season. So.. WE BOUGHT A 6-foo Christmas TREE!! YAY!! It’s a fake one, but it’s nice. And man, we went all out on this stuff. We bought real GLASS ornaments (mind you) and some $1.62 lights (really nice). Man, it was great. We are the first room to have Christmas stuff, and man this tree is seriously high-class. No joke! You guys gotta come check itout.. and if you come, then look at the awesome pictures I have taken of it! They are great, it’s all great! so anyways..

I know everyone is getting ticked that I haven’t been updating, but if you could just hear my plea… The internet is a distraction, a BIG one. And for a full-time college student, and a part time shift-lead at Starbucks, distractions aren’t the best thing in the world. I’m not saying that my site is a distraction, just the internet. And since I’m quite the web-savvy guy, I spend much time chatting, surfing, chatting, video-chatting, and of course chatting. So, do you understand now?!! I need to manage my time better, and school is coming down to the wire here.. It’s crazy. But whatever.. I’ll try harder. I need to give the people what they want. oh.. and on more thing…

… Jesus is the reason for the season. bye!


ps. side note! *I have this thing with the number “1”. It’s weird, and it’s kind of a recent thing. So today is significant for me. (11/11/02) Not to mention the fact that it’s Veteran’s Day and I want give it up to those guys who fought freakin’ hard to give me the liberties I have today! Thanks guys!

pss. This day in history: This was the day on November 11th, 1918 when they decided to stop the “physical” fighting in World War 1! I learned that in World History 2 today! ok bye for reals!

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