July 2nd, 2002 10:05 P.M.

The last few days I have been working the early shift. It’s been cool. I’ve been waking up at about 5:00AM and getting to work at 6:00 to serve “the regulars” and the commuter type people their caffeine for the day. Only, that’s not the coolest part. When I drive to work I drive on this road that kind of overlooks the valley that I live in. When I was driving on Monday morning I looked over and got to see the sunrise.. oh.. beautiful. I could of seriously died right there and felt a peace about everything. Cause when I was watching the sun come up, everything else just stopped… dead silence. I even shut my stereo off in my car. Just to see how wonderful and big it was. It’s been a while since I have been up to see it. But better yet, actually noticed it. Cause I wake up early for other things in the week, but never really took the chance to “feel” the sun rise. God is so amazing. The things he puts on this earth just to show us.. cause when I was watching that sun come up I was thinking “.. now, you can’t tell me there’s not a God..” It’s confirmation, that’ what it is. All that to say that it was really cool.

But that was yesterday. Today is a new day. I was sad because the clouds covered the lower section of the skyline so I couldn’t see my sun rise today. It’s ok, maybe tomorrow will be different. But after work my friend Jamie and I went and just drove to Northridge. Hung out at a couple malls, then drove to Valencia, got some Jamba Juice and then drove home on a windy mountain road with all the windows down in her new Jetta. It was so much fun, wish you kids could’ve joined us. We were just relaxing in that car. Hands soaring through the air outside the windows, hair flipping and flopping around.. Dave Matthews pumped up on the car stereo.. just, nice. But it wasn’t just the experience that made it so worth while.. it’s, well.. the friendship. Jamie is a good friend of mine. I have a lot of really good friends. If it wasn’t for them, these kinds of things wouldn’t be the same. So I guess what I’m trying to say is.. get yourself a friend. Someone that will challenge you and spur you on towards love. Thanks friends, you’re amazing.. bye now.


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