June 30th, 2002 11:35 P.M.

Did anyone read my last journal? Is anyone reading these anymore? Sign the guest book or something, let me know I’m not alone still!

Ok, so tonight, a bunch of my guy friends went out and lit stuff on fire. It was freakin’ cool. And we were all talking and were like, “..what is it about fire.. it will never not be cool for guys.. it doesn’t matter what age you are, or anything.. fire is always cool..” Yeah, with July 4th coming up this week, it’s really easy to find stuff that we can light on fire and watch sparkle or pop or whatever. Kinda sounds like a cereal? “.. Snap, Crackle, Pop..” or something like that. Remember those days? Yeah, those were the days alright. The joys of boyhood. No worries. No joke, I used to walk around in shorts with no underwear, no shoes, and no shirt. That lasted until I was about 5. Then I realized why underwear is important. Cause you don’t want to be the kid at school that doesn’t wear the under garments. You know what I’m saying?.. haha.. that’s really funny to me.

I have to work really early the next couple of days. From like 6-2 on Monday – Wednesday. Then 12-5 on July 4th. Which is really cool because I get time and a half for that. WOO HOO! Yeah, I need money. School is going to be expensive and I need to have a job to keep me going. I really suck at my job right now. But I guess it’s ok. I’m training still. You think that making coffee would be easy. Well, you’re right, but we don’t just make coffee. We make coffee drinks.. all this stuff.. I don’t even know. It’s nuts! But I need to go to bed. And I’m out..


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