October 1st, 2001

Today has been one of those weird days. I couldn’t afford school, high school that is, so I wasn’t allowed to attend. I wasn’t sick, I didn’t have a dr.’s appointment, there was no death in the family, just plain old wasn’t allowed to go. That’s weird to me. Apparently we owe them like $3000 for last year, plus whatever we need for this year. It’s kind of crappy, cause I feel bad for my dad and stuff. He’s been working hard and really wants me to go there, especially finish my senior year there. But we just don’t have that kind of money and though the school has been gracious enough to allow me there up til’ now, it’s just coming down. Yup, that’s that.

But otherwise it’s been a good day. Mowed the lawn. Went by the school to drop something off. uh.. went over to my friend Jared’s to pick something up, but he wasn’t home so I left a note on the door and told him to page me. Now I am here. Just sitting like always, communicating to you people how dull and weird life can be. Bye


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