October 4, 2001

I can’t seem to find a thought that is just “normal.” I’m listening to Dashboard Confessional. It’s relaxing to say the least. I’ve had a lot of time to think lately. I’ve had a lot of time to do just about anything I want as I have not been able to attend school for the past week because we don’t have the money right now. And you know the part that really irks me is the fact that the Administrator of my school will not let me go to chapel. wow, what a witness. geeze, give me a break.

A ton is on my mind. Today I wrote a couple songs and put them on the computer. I used my new acoustic, it’s awesome. It’s a Tacoma DM9 for you guitar lovers. But enough about that.

I can’t think right now. I’m kind of, I don’t know, whatever. bye
Sorry so short.


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