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The day started early with one of Titus’ friends coming over for the first half of the day. Beni showed up a little before 8:00am and he and Titus had a ton of fun playing together. Linda, Beni’s grandma, has been taking care of Beni and his brother Caleb for the past ten days or so while their parents have been in Israel. Today Linda had to go to the Foreign Police because she’s been have issues with her visa, so Bethany asked if she could help watch the boys and hopefully help Linda focus on that. Since Caleb had school today, Beni was the only one who came, but of course Titus thought this was a wonderful idea and even when I got home this afternoon he was still talking about how much fun he and Beni had playing outside and being together.

Stickers (10/30/14)

A lot of what I do for Josiah Venture (JV) is really fun, but one of my most recent projects is a little extra special. Right now JV has people across the United States on what we call the recruiting tour. Our staff goes around to a lot of different Christian colleges talking about Josiah Venture and recruiting students to come over for the summer and do an internship. My team was asked to help create materials that could be used while on the tour and one of our ideas were these 4×4″ stickers that could be passed out to students on campus (shown above). Along with the stickers is a card (shown far left) that has some additional information and ways they can connect with us further and apply. What I love about the stickers though is that they are just bits of Scripture that students can stick up in their dorm or wherever they want and hopefully be reminded about what God is doing over here and around the globe.

Bethany and I worked with college students for four years in our church before coming here and at first I really didn’t like. Quite honestly, I loved working with high schoolers because they seemed more open to change than I thought college students were. But after a while I realized that college students are at such a key part of their lives where they are going to make crucial decisions about friends, jobs, churches, missions, etc. that will effect them for a very long time. During that time they need a lot of help, training, discipleship, and mentoring. Obviously a sticker isn’t going to magically make someone want to do missions, but it’s about the conversation that happens when our staff hands that person a sticker and invites them to join us in the work going on over here. There are a tons of needs here, especially in the summer months, and I hope that these little pieces of Scripture and the conversations that go with them will be a helpful tool to bring more young people here to serve and be part of God’s movement in Central and Eastern Europe. You never know, maybe one of those big decisions college students are making will be coming here full time to tell others about the Greatest News there is.

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Book Review: Letters From A Father To His Sons In College

Letters from a father to his sons in college. By Samuel Miller.Letters from a father to his sons in college. By Samuel Miller. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Written in 1843 and published almost ten years later, these letters from a genuine, loving father are just as important today as they were in the time they were written. Samuel Miller touches on every facet of a young man’s college life while giving his own counsel and guidance as one with experience and knowledge of this important time of life. His instruction is well said and well thought out and I enjoyed his honesty and his thoroughness.

For college students, this book will be a vault of treasures on how to conduct themselves, even in today’s world. There is nothing here that I believe is only for the time it was written, rather many things of which students should take to heart and apply to their lives. He writes like a father to all students, and it would be great for students to listen to him as they would their own fathers.

I would encourage every parent of a college student (or future college student) to take the time to read these letters. They will help guide and direct the thought process of parents and give wisdom to you for your own children. Though my own son is only 8-months old, I hope that I can take to heart these principles and gleam from the wisdom of a father that was much further ahead than me.

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