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Every Perfect Gift is From Above

“Rough night. Pray we can make this a private room…” That was the text message I woke to this morning from Bethany. She, of course, was at the hospital and was sharing an open room with another mommy and baby. I was at home, in an unplanned series of events because we weren’t able to secure a private room when Bethany delivered Karis yesterday. As the story goes, it wasn’t so much Karis that kept Bethany awake, but the other mommy and baby who just were struggling through the night as is often with newborns. By God’s grace, Karis was able to sleep through it, but that wasn’t so much the case for Bethany. So I did pray this morning and the Lord’s answer was clearly in the affirmative.

Sleepy Baby (6/2/15)

I’m writing now from that same hospital room. It’s almost 11:00pm and I will be sleeping here tonight. The other mommy and baby were discharged early this afternoon and the hospital is allowing us to use this space as a private room. Not only does that mean I get to sleep here, but it also means that visiting hours basically no longer apply. Where yesterday the family could only come between 3-6pm, today we were able to come here for much longer to enjoy Karis and give Bethany so much needed rest.

Sleepy Baby (6/2/15)

A little rest did come this afternoon when Papa and Nana took shifts holding Karis and allowing Bethany to get a nap and then a shower. I ended up taking the other kids to the science center because they were restless and the hospital room was quickly becoming a play area in their minds. I think everyone was a winner this afternoon, even though we separated for a bit. I was glad to give Bethany an earlier break that we had expected and am even more glad to be here to help her tonight while Papa and Nana watch our kids at home.

Sleepy Baby (6/2/15)

Karis is doing great and Bethany is recovering well. We were just sitting here tonight catching up and enjoying the time with our new daughter. It’s so incredible to now be a family of five! I feel like this entire experience has been different, not just because we’re in a foreign country, but because we’re more comfortable with a new baby and have just been so blessed by God throughout this entire process. The hospital has been great. Papa and Nana have been a huge help. People continue to send us messages through text, email, or social media encouraging us. Titus and Avery are doing well. And I can sit here tonight and just smile at how good our God is. I’m thinking of James 17 tonight, “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.” God has given us so many good gifts this week and we couldn’t be more thankful and in awe of His goodness.

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