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Mystery Monster Tree (A True Tale)

There is an old walnut tree that sits in the yard
I can see him staring at me like a castle guard

I don’t like his skin, it’s broken and rough
I’ve tried looking away, but it’s just not enough

His eyes so big, one on top of the other
And a large open mouth, “Is this a monster?” I wonder

There he stands, so tall and so straight
I know that he’ll eat me right off a plate!

Surely Dad knows of this mystery monster tree?
I know I’ve tried to tell him, not once, not twice, but three!

“A scary monster!” I yell, while pointing towards the beast
But Dad says, “Son, I see nothing” and stares off toward the east

How can I convince him of what I know to be true
This monster tree will eat me like Mother’s beef stew!

With a scream and a gasp, again I will try
To show my Dad, “There’s a mouth and that’s an eye!”

Looking again, my Dad caught it’s gaze
He was staring right at him, with both eyebrows raised

Walking towards the creature, Dad began to smile
“I see him, Son,” no longer in denial

– A short story by Shay Thomason (Dad), inspired by Titus Thomason (Son)

Mystery Monster Tree (4/12/15)

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