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Cuddles and Haircuts

Haircuts on a Thursday (3/19/15)

Today has been full and it’s late so I’m going to make this post shorter than usual, knowing that I have more to do still tonight. Above is a photo Bethany got this morning of me and the kids laying on the couch. I don’t really remember how the kids started climbing on me and cuddling, but Bethany caught the moment with my iPhone and I’m thankful. As I stare at that photo tonight I’m reminded just how gracious the Lord is. I love those two little ones so much and I’m thankful to the Lord for the gift of children. Every day is not easy with them and parenting is hard, but the joy they bring us far outweighs the struggle to train them.

Haircuts on a Thursday (3/19/15)

This afternoon Titus and I got hair cuts and Titus has been doing such a good job holding still and letting the hair dresser cut his hair. He kept asking me, “Is this the last part, daddy?” as if to find out how much longer he would need to sit there. I love that little guy.

Haircuts on a Thursday (3/19/15)

Other than cuddles and haircuts it’s been a relatively uneventful day. I worked from home today, but had to run to a meeting after our haircuts in a nearby town. One of the big projects I’ve been working on is a 20th anniversary book for Josiah Venture which includes photos and quotes from various ministries. I met with the printer today to work out some details for the cover and I can’t wait to get one of them in my hands. It’s going to be a beautiful book and one that stands a testimony to what God is doing in this part of the world.

With that I’m out. Good night!

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