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Captain’s Log: Jet Lag Edition

Jet Lagged Family (1/15/15)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

    18:30 – Just arrived home in Czech Republic from America
    18:45 – Kids are crying a lot from exhaustion
    19:00 – Avery fell asleep
    19:15 – Titus is crying still
    19:30 – Titus fell asleep
    19:31 – Bethany and I fell asleep.
    23:30 – Avery is wide awake and crying
    23:31 – Titus is also awake now
    23:35 – Bethany gets up, plays with kids, makes “breakfast”

Thursday, January 15 2014

    02:00 – Bethany came back to bed and I’m up with the kids now
    02:30 – I’m making myself a bowl of cereal
    02:45 – It may be the middle of the night, but I feel great and am loving this time with the kids!
    03:00 – Checked some email; got a little work done. I should get up at this time every day!
    03:30 – Bethany is awake again. Sweet family time at 3:00am!
    04:00 – Started unpacking all the suitcases. SO stoked to have this kind of time in the morning.
    05:00 – I got a little sleepy, so I’m making coffee.
    05:30 – Woah, Avery is not happy about life right now.
    06:00 – I don’t really know why I’m awake right now.
    07:30 – OK, I think everyone needs a nap. Bethany just laid down.
    08:00 – Time to leave for Bethany’s doctor appointment!
    08:02 – Avery fell asleep in the car.
    08:34 – Arrived at the doctor’s office. Avery won’t wake up so Bethany is going to carry her across the parking lot and up the elevator.
    09:30 – Just leaving the doctor’s. Great appointment. We found out the gender of the baby, but Avery slept through the entire thing. I took this photo of her in the office:

Jet Lagged Family (1/15/15)

    09:31 – Wow, I am tired.
    09:32 – Titus fell asleep.
    10:00 – Sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store while Avery and Titus sleep. Bethany ran in to get a few things.
    10:30 – Back home now. I carried Avery in to the house because she’s still sleeping.
    10:31 – Avery is awake and crying loudly.
    10:35 – Snack time! Avery is happy again.
    11:15 – Avery fell asleep. Bethany went to the bedroom and fell asleep.
    12:00 – I laid down for a nap.
    13:30 – Titus came in and laid down next to me.
    14:00 – I’m up. Avery is still asleep. Bethany is on the couch with her. Titus is still asleep. I’ve tried to wake all of them up but at this point I am a failure. I tried moving them, shaking them, turning the lights on and off. Nothing is working.

Jet Lagged Family (1/15/15)

    17:19 – I am blogging. Everyone is asleep still. This is not good.
    17:27 – I was just running some numbers and other than about 45 minutes this afternoon, Avery has been asleep since 8 o’clock this morning. That can’t be good.
    17:29 – I could really use a nap.

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