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A Wedding Rehearsal

I must have been caught up in the moment, but I didn’t take any photos of the wedding rehearsal tonight. On the bright side, I did become the wedding line coordinator (at least I think that’s what I call it?). It’s the person who guides the people walking down the aisle. I guess all of those years of doing wedding photography comes in handy when you need someone to tell people when to walk slowly in a straight line.

A Wedding Rehearsal (1/9/15)

I may have forgotten the photos, but that shouldn’t spoil this blog. On the really bright side, we had the blessing of seeing our friends Blaine and Kelsey from our church in California. We had a fun time catching up with them and eating dinner together and it was just really fun to see our friends, even up here in Washington. As a bonus, tomorrow at around 4pm we’ll be related. You see, Blaine’s sister is marrying Bethany’s brother. Don’t you just love when that happens?! AND… yes, there’s more… They came tonight bearing gifts. They literally brought an extra suitcase full of stuff for us to take back to Czech from our Bible study in California. It was packed with the essentials: chocolate chips, yellow mustard, baby clothes, and even little twisty plastic straws for the kids. Thank you, friends!

A Wedding Rehearsal (1/9/15)

The rehearsal and dinner went really well. I think everyone knows where to stand and I appreciated the officiating pastor who kept reminding us that “this isn’t a performance, it’s a celebration.” So often weddings become more of a performance where it all has to be perfect and we lose site of the celebration. Dinner was delicious and we had a great time of sharing about Adam and Taylor (the happy couple). There were some tears shed as people shared, but of course it was all in genuine care and love. It was a great start to the weekend and I look forward to a wonderful wedding tomorrow. I’m especially excited about seeing Avery as a little flower girl and Titus as a ring bearer. I’ll be coaching them down the aisle, so we’ll just see how it goes!

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