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A Stroller for Two Kids and Celebrating Zach

It was another one of the full days today from start to finish. Bethany got a call yesterday about helping out at the same preschool where she taught English a while back and decided to go ahead and do it again today. I dropped her and the kids off early at the school and headed in to the Josiah Venture office for our weekly international team meeting (shown below). Bethany and the kids actually finished a littler earlier than normal and had to walk home because I had the car. She told me it took them 40 minutes to walk back and that our little umbrella stroller was just, in Avery’s words, “too bumpy.” When trying to console Avery, Bethany told her that we would probably be getting a more heavy duty stroller for the Czech sidewalks and Titus piped up asking, “A stroller for two kids?” We’ll take that into consideration, buddy.

Future Day (10/21/14)

Dave taught again this morning out of the book of Philippians. He brought a few visitors with him all the way from Louisville, Kentucky. I believe they are part of a church there that has had a long history of partnering with Josiah Venture and we were blessed to have them in our Bible study today (Dave’s wife, Connie, has a few photos of them from their time together this past weekend up on her blog). The passage in focus this morning was Philippians 1:12-26, looking at Paul’s time in prison and his perspective during that time. Dave broke the passage down in to two categories: 1) Prison Problems 2) People Problems and we looked at how those things could affect our own ministry today. In the end, it’s Paul’s focus on Christ that is really the point of it all and that’s what radically changes in perspective and ours. Great stuff!

Future Day (10/21/14)

Tonight we had the privilege of celebrating with my good friend, Zach Zegan, on his birthday. His wife Kara secretly invited us over for what a mini surprise party and we just had fun enjoying dinner and spending time together. Zach has been a close friend since the 4th grade and he and his family are very special to me. I think often of the great memories we had growing up and how blessed we are to be serving together in Czech Republic today. God has done incredible things in both of us, given us incredible wives, and given us a passion for the gospel. Happy birthday, friend.

The kids came to the party too and decided to make “Uncle Zach” birthday cards. Here’s Avery (left) and Titus holding up their creations:

Future Day (10/21/14)

Oh, and here’s another one of Zach being Zach:

Future Day (10/21/14)

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