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Hear, See, and Do – #9

HEAR: A Heart Driven Modesty, God and Clothing: 1 Peter 3:3, 4
This past weekend I had the pleasure of sitting under some fantastic teaching. Starting on Friday night at the Men Discipling Men conference which carried all the way through Saturday night, and then at church on Sunday I have been overwhelmed in areas that I need growth. But on Sunday night, Gunner Gunderson taught on the topic of modesty and I believe everyone needs to hear this message. Though focused towards women, I believe this sermon to be a great reminder to men and Father’s. It’s not a sermon with a “checklist” about what to wear or not to wear, but simply gives Biblical principles for dressing modestly. Gunner has also provided his entire sermon notes and outline which can be found here on his blog. Give it a listen and apply it’s truths and Lord willing we will see change in the hearts (and dress) of many.

SEE: This Time-Lapse Footage of Disneyland Being Built in 1954
Available for the for the first time ever, this archival footage of Disneyland’s incredible construction is actually pretty enjoyable to watch. Apparently it’s been available for a few months, but I’m just getting word of it. Even if you’re not a huge fan of Disney or Disneyland, I think you’ll appreciate the fact that the entire park was built in one year’s time and was done with excellence. The whole park cost $17 million to open and some projects weren’t complete until within days of the official opening in 1955. Below is part two, but I have linked the other four part for those fanatics that just can’t get enough of it.

Building Walt’s Dream – Disneyland’s Construction PT 1 , PT 3 , PT 4 , PT 5

DO: Read A Gospel Primer for Christians
A Gospel PrimerI’ve only just begun reading this book, but I’m already hooked on it. The essential point of the book is to remind you why and how you should preach the Gospel to yourself each and every day. It’s written by Milton Vincent who is a pastor in Moreno Valley, California and he writes it in a simple form so anyone can read it and understand the concept. Though simple in form, it is still very complete in thought and challenges me to think about the Gospel for what it really is–a daily pursuit. I’m only just beginning to understand the need for this book, but the more I read it, the more I remember why I need the Gospel every day.

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