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evade the noise

If you don’t know that I love music, then you probably don’t know me very well. Music is something that I play, talk about, dream about, and write about. Listening to music is simply one of my favorite pastimes. Were I a woman with a dress, in Austria, in an open field to sing I would sing a song about it–and among my list of favorites things would be music. It’s just that simple.

That’s why I want to know if you’ve heard about evade the noise? Think of it like, only instead of being about me, it’s about music (and movies). That’s why I think it’s the other half of my brain, because when I’m not taking photos or doing whatever it is I do, I’m writing about music. In fact, it’s not just me–it’s me and my friends (one of whom is pictured above). We figured since we all love music (and movies), why not write about it? So this is simply to remind you to be sure and come check us out when you get a chance, and if you’re really techy, add us to your RSS reader.

Here’s a few of our most recent reviews:
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Coldplay – Prospekt’s March EP (album review)
Seven Pounds (film review)

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