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The Things That See Greatness
The news continues to amaze me.
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So I’m assuming that 5,000 people were hallucinating when they were fed by Jesus. Or maybe they were hallucinating when they saw a dead man come back to life? Or how about when they saw that lame man walk?

Let’s be honest, the Bible will always be under attack–it doesn’t change a thing.

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I read this story a bit ago. The comparisons are interesting, but few people actually take it seriously as it’s solely based on conjecture – a sort of “what if.” I think that’s all the author meant it for.

Fair enough. “What if” or not… that’s a pretty big “what if” and furthermore, why the Bible? — There are other books to choose from.

There actually are theories about how judaism (an old religion) and hinduism (the OLDEST religion). Were influenced by such things.

That’s a site about this whole thing. It focuses on the bible, and the sole agnostic to be one of the first translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls. In the video on the right there’s a 10 minute clip about it, and it talks about how he was influenced by works others had done on the religions I said above.

I’m not saying I believe this stuff, and most experts I’m sure would say that it’s a possibility, but there’s a lack of empirical evidence. How COULD there be evidence after all? Still, could you see it as likely that something like Hinduism or Buddhism or native Egyptian religion was influenced by drugs early on? And if so, why should Judaism/Christianity be an exception? At least looking at it objectively and not presupposing the truth of one or another religion.

I could probably search thousands of different websites like the one you’ve shown above and find thousands of different theories–it still doesn’t change the complete innerrency of the Scriptures.

The Bible is either the “Word of God” or its not and therefore would be useless. I’m thankful for passages like I Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” Wow, God-breathed… by the breath of God is was written.

To diminish the Scripture to a drug induced hallucination reduces it to a mystical, inaccurate piece of literature and not the Word of God that it is. This has nothing to do with presuppositions or objectivity, it has everything to do with what we believe the Bible is. If it’s what it says it is, the Word of God–then I believe it. I don’t JUST believe that it’s a book written by God, but I ALSO believe in what it says, commands, and teaches regarding life and godliness.

Like I said, I’m not saying I believe this stuff, considering there’s no real direct evidence for it and considering there are stories of the same sort of miracles happening around us every day – drug induced or not. I don’t think it’s necessary to have drugs for people to have what they’d call a “spiritual” experience.

The question of the innerrency of the bible is a different question altogether – and especially whether it’s own claim to be innerrent constitutes evidence. It’s a question I’m willing to discuss, it could just get very long, the comments section just seems like an odd place to do it. And I know that an internet debate probably isn’t what you intended with this post.

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