3rd Time Isn’t Always a Charm

I’m as much of a movie junkie as the next guy. I grew up in a town with two dollar theaters, no television at home, and the majority of my holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) were spent at the movies. I loved movies growing up, and I still do. But something of late has been bothering me. I’m actually quite surprised I didn’t write about this earlier, but.. the time has come.

It has been my stance for a while now that Hollywood is running out of ideas for films. I make my claim simply based on the fact that for the past few years we have seen nothing but films that are remakes of old films, sequels, prequels, etc. Lately, I have been thinking about something that I feel like everyone is overlooking. Not that I have some keen insight, but seriously, what the heck is the deal with the “3” movies ? Everything is in it’s third time around…. let’s look at this lineup (with a little commentary if you don’t mind):

1. Spider-man 3 – Saw it last night. Honestly, spent most of the movie laughing at “emo Spidey”… or who I liked to call “Fall Out Boy Spidey.”
2. Shrek the Third (3) – Didn’t like the first two films at all. I think Dreamworks is just trying to find an excuse to put adult humor in a children’s film and it quite honestly doesn’t go down well for me.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (3) – Liked the first one; Jerry Bruckheimer at his finest. Second one was incredible visually, but seemed like a really long trailer for the third film. Saw the trailer for the next one… looks amazing.

4. Ocean’s Thirteen (3) – The cast of these films are always fantastic. Makes you wonder how they can afford this many great actors/actresses. I really enjoyed the first one, loved the sneakiness. Second one just seemed like one big “hook up” for their team and it didn’t show off their heist qualities. Not sure how I feel about the third to come, but I’m sure I’ll take time out of one of my weekends to see it.

5. The Bourne Ultimatum (3) – First two films were absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the third. I hear the books are better, but I simply love the movies. By far, this movie is most deserving of it’s third installment.

6. Rush Hour 3 – Though I’m a huge Jackie Chan fan, I really don’t think we need another one of these. Yet, one thing remains in my speech to this day… “You put your own crap in the back!” What I don’t get is there was “Jackie Chan’s First Strike”… and we haven’t seen a second or third strike yet?

There could be more films turning 3, so if I missed any be sure and leave me a comment. There are definitely other films going in to their 4th and 5th this summer, but I wanted to stick the number 3 for this blog. But for me, there’s really one sad thing. I’m still waiting for them to make a “Short Circuit 3”. I loved Johnny 5 as a kid… but apparently us robot loving fans are few and far between. Here’s to a summer of three’s.

P.S. Be sure and check out Yahoo!’s Summer Movie Guide. It’s a nice visual display of all the movies headed our way for the summer!

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Hey Shay-
Just re-visited your site for the 1st time in a year- Love it! Your flicker pix are awesome. i’m totally inspired to photograph more ‘randomness’ instead of just people 🙂

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