Pretty In Pink’s

Pinks, originally uploaded by shaycam.

Bethany and I rolled over to Pink’s on Friday night with Abe (a good friend) to grub on some delectable hot dogs. Abe thought it would be nice to take us out to celebrate my new job, which we were stoked about. If you’ve never been to Pink’s it’s quite an experience. The line is always long, but so our the hot dogs. Mine was 10″ and smothered in chili and cheese. It was delicious. After leaving Pink’s we headed over to Amoeba Music and picked up some new music to celebrate as well. Good food and good music, what a great way to bring in the new job!

I’m starting the new job tomorrow, and I’m getting pretty exited. The company seems excited to hire me which makes the transition a lot easier. The Lord has really worked in my heart through this whole process and it’s been hard at times, but very good in the end. I have definitely been learning patience and trust in Him.

Today was Palm Sunday which of course leads in to the “passion week” and it’s really a great contrast to my life right now. As I remember the death and resurrection of Christ and I am entering a new workplace which can be a bit intimidating. But I trust in the Lord and know that He will work in my heart during this time. I never want to put the focus on what’s going on in my life and it would be very easy to do that this week with my new job. It’s actually quite great because I really have two things to celebrate: my new job and remembering the resurrection of my Savior. I look forward to the new week and what is before me. Please pray that I will serve the Lord with gladness this week and remember the death of His Son for my sin.

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