The End Of Things…

Lacey was a good dog, originally uploaded by shaycam.

The end of the year marked something a bit sad for me and my family. You see, my dog died. She was a dog of my youth. There have been 2 dalmatian dogs in my life since I was a baby. The first one was Sparky and he lived until I was about 10. Then next came Lacey (pictured left), and she was from about age 10 to 22. Dalmatians are not long living dogs, but their lives are full. Lacey’s life was full of running, jumping, and attacking other dogs if they got near my family. She wasn’t a mean dog, in fact she was a the nicest dog I know, but she was very protective of us. I was able to see her before she died. When Bethany and I visited my parents over Christmas we got to see Lacey. My mom told us to say goodbye to her because it would probably be the last time we see her…. and it was. I’m a little sad as you can tell, but it’s OK. That’s a part of life. Dog’s die. They feel like a part of the family for a while, but they die like people do. I don’t mean to sound cold, I am just stating the facts. But that wouldn’t change the fact that Lacey was a good dog.

Though Lacey’s death marked the end of 2006 for me, it doesn’t mean the year was all that bad. In fact the year was great. I got married at the end of 2005, I graduated from college in 2006, I saw Coldplay live, I saw Dave Matthews live, and I even touched the ground of 5 different states. I traveled much this year (especially at the end). Oh, and let’s not forget that my one year wedding anniversary was in 2006. Good times, lovin’ it.

It really was an enjoyable year… here’s to looking forward to another great year.

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Our family dog died this year. And Kevin and I gave our dog to a family in Arizona due to our circumstances. I totally know the pain. Dogs are always there, always your friend. And when they aren’t there anymore. It leaves a hole.

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