From Here to Rainier

trees.jpgFlew a few thousand miles this weekend. Unfortunately it was for my wife’s grandpa’s funeral, but it was good to see my inlaws and the rest of the family. We had a good time being with them even though it was under such bummer circumstances.

While we were up there we visited a bunch of places which was really fun. Bethany’s dad took us to Mt. Rainier which was way cool. You see, the kids in Washington state have this thing about “their mountains.” They think because they have so many sweet mountains that they can have all this pride about their state. I used to be a little more hostile when it came to this subject (because California has the tallest peak in the contiguous U.S. : cf “Mt. Whitney“), but after visiting I have a new appreciation for their massive volcanic mountains. They just look awesome. I’m sure if I was from Washington I would have that pride.

I took some pics along the way as you can see. There was some great scenery as you get closer and closer to the mountains. It was really a joy to be there. Above is a picture in this place with a bunch of trees. If my wife was here right now she would know the name of it, but it was really cool. They had hugemungous trees and a stream; good times.

Mt. Rainier (as shot from our plane ride home):

Deer at Rainier:

Big tree:

More trees:

Down here we have a picture of this place called “Shay’s Shoppe” which of course we had to pull over and take a picture of. I mean, it’s not a normal name. Shay is a name for only a few. It’s a name that I wear proudly each and every day and when I see it in any form I am excited beyond measure. Unfortunately this shop was closed, but if they ever open back up for business I’ll be in there to buy something “real nice Clark, real nice.”

I didn’t sleep much last night because I was up late doing some work. Had a deadline to meet and so I stayed up until about 4AM finishing that up. No biggie. I’ll grab a nap and be back on my feet! Never underestimate the power of the “power-nap”… goodnight.

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