The Way I See It #111

I read this on a Starbucks cup the other day at work, this lady is probably a great teacher:

The Way I See It #111
“People could become better than they are right now by doing one thing: reading! By reading, people open their minds to be mentored by others whom they may not have the pleasure to meet due to time and space differences. C.S. Lewis, Socrates and Billy Graham are all available to talk when I open a book to listen.”
— Sarah Neri
Reading teacher at Las Palmas Middle School in Covina, CA.

All the great people I have met in this life have been great readers. In fact, it has been said this way “The world belongs to those who read.” I wish I could say that I am an avid reader, or that I was reading a book a month or something, but ever since school ended I have not really been on the up and up in my reading, which makes me sad. I have also heard this statement in class, “Interesting people read.” This teacher went on to explain that if we just watch television like the rest of the world, then we will be no more interesting than what comes before I eyes on the news. But when someone reads, they will begin to hear things they don’t always hear on the news, they will begin to see things that not everyone is seeing and making them and interesting person because they have gone beyond the norm of society and engaged their mind in something other than the 10 o’clock news. We need to read. Read everything that comes in front of you. Read it all. Whatever you want… And if you are having trouble finding the time, then read this:

The Way I See It #94
Want to find time to read? Fall in book love. Seek out the books that fire your passions. Follow your intellect and your heart. Then time will find you.
— Steve Leveen
Author of The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life.

If you finished reading this blog then you are probably an “above average” reader. And remember, “the world belongs to those who read.”

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