My First November 1st In 365 Days

Happy November. We’ve come so far this year in our monthly countdown. I mean.. what is November? Is it just the month that has a small 3 or 4 day vacation around Thanksgiving? Or can it be known for something more. Like today for instance. I walked outside and it was like 85 degrees. Kinda weird. I don’t remember my last November 1st being this nice? But then again. I probably forgot November. It’s the lost month. It’s too close to Christmas and too far from summer.. weird.

I’ve been studying a lot today. But I’ll have you to know I got my study guide down from 43 pages to 35. That’s significant, almost a tenth. I’m stoked. But seriously, this is like the final of final exams. If I don’t pass this senior compentecny test, I don’t graduate. That’s never fun. Not that I’ve failed a test like this before, but you get the picture.

Alright, time for bed. I am debating on whether I should purchase Short Circuit 1 and 2 on DVD at the moment. I really want to. Only $17.18 for the set on Amazon. hhmm.. so much to buy.. no money to buy it with. Excellent.. so the choice is.. put it on plastic and forget about it. night.

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