Blog Titles Are Like Album Titles

Oh man. I’m sitting here in Starbucks about to start my blog and this lady at the condiment bar was taking her lid off and it flew right into the trash can. I am laughing because of the look on her face. It was like she didn’t want anyone to know about it, but little did she know that the whole world would have access to her little flubber. ok.. back to the title. I think most days I spend about 4-5 minutes thinking of a blog title. Sometimes I think of them the day before and then I remember to write them when I sit down to type. But other days I am clueless. I want something eye-catching, or random. Like the way people title their albums. There is usually some kind of meaning. Even if the title itself is meaningless, there was definitely a reason the artist named it that. On the other hand, I was flipping through BW Magazine just the other day, and all of the pictures in there were simply titled what you could see in the pic. Interesting… let me try.

Tree In Fog

Cars In Fog

You see, I can do it too. It’s not hard. But that really has nothing to do with a blog title. Nevermind. New thought. I was kindly reminded last night that I haven’t mentioned my current living conditions. I actually live with a family from church. They are coolest. The husband is a stock-broker with Morgan Stanley, an established reader, and a avid surfer. When he gets home he simply takes off his shirt and tie and slips into his favorite RipCurl shirt and relaxes around the house. The wife on the other hand is a elementary school teacher. She also enjoys reading (like her husband), and petting her cat (even though her husband likes throwing her cat). She even cleaned my bathroom for me the other day, that was great! But they are great. Thanks for letting me stay at your place kids! I enjoyed the fog this morning. I get up early on Wednesday’s to be at a class at church. The fog must have rolled in pretty early, but I liked it. Class doesn’t start for about 3 hours, so I am going to get some studying done. And in the words of Kronk “… have you seen that sky today, talk about blue!”

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