Action & Action

I’m sitting outside of Starbucks right now. There are a few clouds outside. Winds from the NorthEast at about 5mph. It’s a pretty nice day here in California. What a name for a state, California. I like it.

Bethany, some friends from church, and I went to see Madagascar yesterday, but it was sold out. That was kind of a bummer. It’s kind of chilly outside right now. My mind is kind of lost. I wish I could explain here the amount of time that is existing in between each sentence I am writing. I think I’m kind of distracted at the moment.

I just noticed this guy inside Starbucks who is also on a laptop. I wonder if his experience is so much different than mine at the moment. I mean, I have my Ipod in my head. He’s inside probably just listening to the house music that is playing. He even has a real handkerchief. Like the kind you would wear on your head. It’s purple in color, really doesn’t fit his style. He’s more of a business man. You know what else I was just thinking; he has no clue what I am writing right now. It makes me laugh. I just love my freedom of speech.

Ok, I’m out.

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Shay, whats up! This is Kirby. I was just thinking about you and praying for you and I thought I’d check out the shaycam. Press on Bro, Preach the Word, do the work of the ministry. I hope to have time to call you soon so we can catch up.


all i want are some pop rocks and some fruity pebbles! thats it!
(sorry random) oh yeah ill see you tonight i hope… oh yeah and im in one of those “distracted” “i have no idea what i am saying modes right now”


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