A Long Time Coming

It’s been a long time coming for my best friend Zach’s band.. that’s what I’m talking about.

Check it out. Last night I went down with my best friend Zach and the band ( and they started recording their first full-length record! It was surreal. I’m not kidding. I was totally pumped. nickandme.jpgI went down to take pictures of them and just hang out and they were starting to record the drum tracks. Obviously there is only so much I can tell you because of the copyright laws and everything, but I can say that the album is gonna rock! The picture you see here is of nick (the bass player) and me and I put the camera in the refrigerator and took a pic! I felt good. Anyways.. go check out their site and come back and see if I’ve updated You kids have a good Monday.

PS. I’ve almost got all my pics from trip upload. Just give me like one more day and I’ll give you kids a link to check em’ out! ok bye..

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