North By Northwest

what else can I say?.. this is my lifestyle. Sorry I don’t have a pic to show you guys, but I have been taking some wicked awesome pics since I have been up here. I’m going to upload them for everyone to see as soon as I’m back! It’s gonna be great.. you’ll see. Anyways, Justin (my roommate) and I got up here yesterday nice and safe and we’re staying with a really cool couple here just outside of Seattle. We spent all today (from 5:00AM on till about 5:15pm ((start to finish)) ) at the seminary and it was a good time. The professors are very nice, humble men and the program seems to be pretty legit. But seriously, the coolest thing about this place is the mansion that the school is in! I can’t wait for you peeps to see my pics!! I’m not joking. This is a 1923-1924 mansion that was built by a super wealthy family called the “Wherehousers”. This thing is nuts! I’m not joking.. everything from a huge zinc coated pipe organ to a view of the Puget Sound (water) that will kill you!! It’s great.. but.. I’m kind of being anti-social by writing this while my host family is making dinner.. so I’m gonna roll. You kids keep up the good work.. We’re doing some site seeing Seattle on Saturday and I will be taking tons of pics then too! See yah soon!

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Come back! It’s no fun here without you…:( No fair you went to my Washington without me. Ok that’s all.
miss you lots.
your she,

oh man classic stuff! LOL

– ” . . . to a view of the Puget Sound (water) . . . “

– ” Your She,”

Glad you are having a great time in the Norht Pacific. At least we will be on the same coast. I now seminary isn’t until a year and a half but I miss you already bro.

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