April 12th, 2003 10:33PM

I could not believe that my cam captured this photo, it’s so cool. I mean, I really was studying, and I actually look like I’m studying. Such a great concept.

Anyways, I feel like in the last few hours I have been really bored. I went to the library for 3 hours and worked on a 5-page-single-spaced paper for my youth culture class. It was alright. I like that class a lot, it’s just an awesome class. But getting back.. I went to the Antelope Valley today and saw a bunch of my friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a ton of fun. Bethany came with me, and she said she had a good time too. I think I want to change the subject now..

So, right now I have my laptop on the kitchen table. I just ate some food from Buca di Beppo’s. One of my roommates works there and he brought home some amazing food. It was great. I have a 750 ml bottle of Perrier that I am chugging down next to me, my cell phone, and my Gameboy Advance… I’m bored.. really bored. My roommates are playing a basketball game on our PS2, and I just sit here.. I tried playing some video games, but I just ended up dropping the controller and Tony Hawk kept skating around with no purpose.. it’s hard to explain.. haha. anyways.. that’s life.

I’m flying to Seattle on Friday to meet Bethany’s family. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to it. I talked to her lil’ bro and sis on the internet tonight. They are cool kids.. but that’s all I guess.. I mean, I really don’t feel like getting off, but I know that if I continue to sit in one place I might get really really really really bored.. and that won’t be good.. ok.. I’m lost. bye.


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