February 17th, 2003 12:13AM

So, this week I got sick. Yeah, it was dumb. I couldn’t freakin’ get better, so I had to drive myself like 40 minutes away and go to the doctors. Then I had to wait and the drug store for 30 minutes to get the drugs I needed. oh man, not good. But this medicine gives me the worst stomach ache, I just can’t stand it, but enough about that. And yes, that says, “Sherman Jr.” on the picture. Just to let you know.

Soo.. Valentines Day this week? Did anyone have any plans? Cause I sure did. I had a hot date. It’s true, just ask me, I’ll tell you about it. I took this really cool girl named Bethany out to dinner and then we went and hung out in Santa Monica for awhile! It was a ton of fun! But seriously, get this! She full on made me a CD! It’s got some rockin’ tracks on it! Geeze! It’s great. Everything from Elton John to Foo Fighters! Oh man, you kids would love it. But, she’s a really cool girl. Thanks Bethany!

uh?.. what else.. oh, I know, work. Let’s just talk about work for a little bit. I think it’s interesting to note that I work for a pretty large company: Starbucks Coffee. And man, the past couple days at work, have been pretty goofy. The people I’ve been working with have just been getting under my skin. I’m not even sure why?!! It’s probably the fact that my boss is about to move to North Carolina and everyone is all getting nuts on me! I don’t know.. weird. ahh.. work will never change.

School is going good though.. I’ve been doing my best to stay on top of my reading and such, and things have been going well for me. I love this school it’s really really amazing.. but, I think I’m going to go now. I really have to get some English Comp. done right now, and it’s getting late.. so you kids have a good evening/morning 😉


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