July 23rd, 2002 10:31 P.M.

I was thinking a little bit today. You have lots of time to think when you go to a museum. Well, let’s talk about that first..

My friend took me to see the Andy Warhol exhibit today!! Oh man, seriously it was rockin’.. that guy was the coolest. No joke. You should find some of his art and check it out. But anyways.. We went down there for what we were calling the “best-shay-day-ever”. Tons of fun, no joke.

But anyways.. I was thinking about my journals and stuff and how like when I write I really don’t care about what people are thinking about my writing. The reason I was thinking this is because Andy has some photo’s and different things that he did work on that were pretty disturbing. But he really didn’t care. He also did work for huge companies like Campbell’s and Coca-Cola. So I don’t know. I really don’t know how you tie those two things together or whatever.. but ok. Anyways. I really appreciate all the emails and stuff you kids send. I read everything.. including my guestbook!

So, I guess this site is getting pretty dull then. I really don’t have much to talk about and I don’t know why. I’m doing lots of cool stuff these days. I even bought a new watch (featured at our right! 🙂 ) But, I don’t know.. things are looking up.. except for the fact that I work at 4AM tomorrow. Oh, and I’m moving soon.. to college that is. I wonder how that’s going to be…?


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