May 25th, 2002 4:09 P.M.

I don’t know where to start. You see, I think about what I want to say, then I’m like “ahh.. who gives?.. ” so whatever. I’ll just type away.

Thursday night my senior class went to Grad-Night at Disneyland. It was a pretty enjoyable night, long, but enjoyable none the less. If you don’t know anything about Grad-Night, it’s supposed to be this all night party or whatever at Disneyland, yeah well, it wasn’t EXACTLY that, but we did dance, and jump, and skip and play.. so if you can call that a party?.. I don’t know. We got back at 9:00 AM from that I and a few of my friends went a checked out my friend Kira’s and my project at the art festival here in town. We got first place! It was awesome, if I can get a pic of that project I’ll post it on shaycam sometime. That was the highlight of my morning yesterday.

And last night I went to a wedding The wedding was really nice, they had lots of cool stuff there, and if was a girl, eh?.. I don’t know what I’d think, but it would probably be something like “.. aww.. how nice..” haha.. that’s funny. nevermind. I’m dumb. Now, I sit here with little sleep.

Also, my belt broke. yeah, busted in two, I’m sad. got $9 so I can buy a new one? ok, send it over.


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