March 23, 2002 8:24 P.M.

My head kind of feels weird at the moment. I got really dizzy for a while today and I couldn’t really think correctly. So if some of that rubs off into this journal, then just disregard me and move on with life. Anyways, I found at that recently many people (including my principal!) check out the ole’ shaycam! it’s fantastic. This sites features one of the oddest most intriguing people that you could ever meet. ME! Ok, maybe I’m bragging, but I made the site, it’s about me, and you know what? That might as well be bragging in itself! whew..

But either way, I enjoy posting these journals so that you kids can find out what’s going on with me in my daily life. Today, however, has been weird. Not sure what I did today, just know that things were moving around in a circle for the most part and I found peace and rest in changing my guitar strings and playing a melody to sing to. My dad bought me a new tuner for my guitar (check it out here)! It’s really nice, and works well! uh.. I’m trying to think if there was really anything else I could tell you kids about today?.. hm.. well, all my friends are out of town, and I’m stuck here; confined to my room and my guitar, which honestly isn’t that bad, but this is the antelope valley, and it’s just no good. But whatever. I’m outta here. I’m helping lead worship at my dad’s church tomorrow, so.. eh?. bye.



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