February 1, 2002

The picture here I have entitled “lastdayshot.jpg” when I saved it. But like, I really don’t get it? Kind of has a really weird feeling to it if you look at it. Pretty much sums up the past couple of weeks. Had a rough couple of weeks. Finals week was last week, I got hurt at soccer practice and am on crutches as we speak. Plus some other things happened that were confusing. And then this week was spiritual emphasis week at my school. Just pretty much got to worship and listen to awesome speakers in daily chapels. Very, very cool.

So my emotions have been all over the place. Some were of laughs and giggles in Mrs. Horning’s class and other’s were being lead by the Spirit to cry and sing during communion time at school. You never know how God works. He just does. I am not listening to music right now. A speaker at school challenged us to listen to God a little better than to listen to music or the tv and so on. So this is my story, take it for what it is and then be happy. ok I am tired. my eyes are closing.


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